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Different sides of Istanbul: Asian and European

What is the difference between the Asian and European Sides of Istanbul?

It’s not about Turkey’s location; it’s about explaining the difference between the two continents in Istanbul, the difference between Asian and European sides, its strategic importance, and its impact on real estate investing. This essay aims to explain the differences between Istanbul’s Asian and European sides.

Istanbul has two parts, Asian and European:

  • There are two continents in which Turkey is located, Asia and Europe. Istanbul is Turkey’s capital and economic center, situated on two continents.
  • You can divide this city into two parts: the Asian part and the European part! It’s the Bosphorus Strait that separates them! Istanbul’s European side is different from its Asian side regarding real estate investment. We’ll talk about the difference between Istanbul’s Asian and European sides.

Different features and characteristics of real estate investment in European Istanbul:

  • Istanbul is a great place to invest because of its civilization and development. You’ll find a wide range of modern real estate, commercial markets, and malls in the European side of Istanbul. Due to its proximity to modern transportation facilities, such as rapid metro lines and prominent tourist attractions, Istanbul’s real estate is experiencing high-level tourism investments and attracting international investors.
  • Istanbul’s European side has many real estates, surrounded by natural, historical, cultural, and archaeological attractions.

Why is the Asian side of Istanbul a great place to invest?

  • Istanbul’s Asian side is a beautiful destination for those who enjoy lush nature and a calm atmosphere away from the crowds.
  • Unlike other Asian investment centers, Istanbul has a lot of real estate and services!
  • On the Asian side of Istanbul, you can find houses, apartments, studios, shops, lands, and residential and commercial properties at lower prices than on the European side.
  • Istanbul’s Asian side is a quiet and elegant place to see Turkish culture, customs, and traditions. Asian neighborhoods in Istanbul are relatively untouched by the chaos and mixture of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

There’s a difference in climate and geography between Asia and Europe.

  • Climate plays a big part in crop, activity, and lifestyle diversity – particularly the difference between Istanbul’s Asian and European sides.
  • Such a diverse, integrated, and mixed economy makes Istanbul a great place to live! An integrated life in Istanbul, with everything you need. These include agriculture, industry, trade, health, education, tourism, real estate investment, political facilities, and the environment.

Istanbul’s Asian and European parts are great places to invest in real estate.

  • Istanbul and the Asian and European continents have all the investment elements you could ask for, like raw materials, land, diversity, and tourists all year. Additionally, the government has encouraged real estate investment in the country with many decrees, laws, and legislation aimed at attracting foreign investment.
  • Government support for foreign investors includes Turkish citizenship being granted to foreigners who invest in real estate in Turkey or buy real estate worth 400 thousand dollars or equivalents.
  • Istanbul real estate companies help you find real estate that meets your investment goals, guarantees reasonable prices, and protect you from fraud. In Istanbul, Turkey, there’s a booming investment sector!
  • In Istanbul, you’ll find diverse, harmonious, and integrated activities! Take advantage of these spots every day!

This essay aimed to explain the differences between the Asian and European sides of Istanbul. If you are interested in purchasing a home in Turkey, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our real estate agents for the best deals.Property Turkey Finder will save you time and money as you search for the perfect property for you and your family.

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