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Is Turkey an excellent place to buy a property

Is Turkey an excellent place to buy a property?
Check out this article if you’re looking to buy a property. Turkey has always been a great second home destination for foreigners because of its spectacular climate, nature, and culture. Turkey offers endless business opportunities to professionals, students, and retirees who wish to invest in real estate, purchase property in Turkey and acquire a second citizenship.
In two months or less, foreigners and foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey.

Here’s why you should buy a house in Turkey

  • Property is booming in Turkey because it’s one of the fastest-growing economies.
  • Turkish properties are cheaper than similar properties in other European countries.
  • You can find something for every budget in the Turkish real estate market.
  • You get good quality for a great price (housing, food, clothing, services).
  • Over the past few years, the Turkish government has simplified the purchasing process. In most cases, you can sign the title deed within one week of selecting a property.
  • The tax rate is low.
  • The price of properties and rental properties in Turkey go up yearly, so renting or buying can be a good investment.

Many things are close to Turkey, and it’s easy to get around. Turkey has a sound transport system so that you can go anywhere.

Buy a property

  • Turkey has a good climate, beautiful nature, a lot of history, and great food. There are a lot of golf courses, skiing centers, and sporting events in many places.
  • Foreigners can afford public and private healthcare. Turkish dentists, plastic surgeons, and ophthalmologists have an excellent reputation. The country’s well-educated, talented, and experienced surgeons and the fact that it’s cheaper to have procedures done here and then recover in luxury are big draws for foreigners.
  • It’s a privileged experience to own a property in Turkey.
  • Turkey is a bridge between the east and west.
  • Aside from being a great place to get a second citizenship, Turkey has an outstanding property market. Take a look at Istanbul. New developments are being built in the suburbs, and penthouses are in some of the city’s most prestigious neighborhoods, making it an attractive place for real estate investment.
  • Investing in Turkey’s real estate market is a good idea for long-term investors due to its high returns.
  • Investing in a well-maintained Turkish property can provide significant returns over time.
  • Foreigners love Turkey because there’s an enormous selection of luxury and budget properties, new-builds, off-plans, renovations, and resales. You can find everything from luxury seaside homes to basic apartments. You don’t have to compromise on your dream of owning a place in Turkey.
  • Turkey is a great place to invest, go on vacation, or live permanently.

The cost of living is low.

Turkey has a relatively low cost of living compared to other European or North American countries. In Turkey, pensioners are taking advantage of the current exchange rate to purchase Turkish Lira, which costs them more than the average cost of living. It is also very affordable to purchase food, such as vegetables and fruits.

Simplicity in the process of buying

For the real estate market to thrive, the government has simplified many things. A lot of foreigners choose Turkey for property investment.

Getting Turkish citizenship
One of the most significant benefits of buying property in Turkey is getting a Turkish passport. Due to this, many foreigners find Turkey a great place to buy a second home. Investing at least $450,000 gets you Turkish citizenship within 60 days through the Turkish citizenship by investment scheme. Find out more about Turkish citizenship by investing.

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