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Paying bills in Turkey

Paying bills in Turkey
If you’re wondering how to pay bills in Turkey, there are many ways; to find out which is easiest for you. Gas, internet, electricity, house, and mobile phone bills can all be paid online, and some companies in Turkey offer online translation services for people who don’t speak Turkish. We’ll also look at old-fashioned ways of paying companies directly.

Paying bills in Turkey

Pay at a local shop

  • Make the payment in person at the local office of the company in your town.
  • In some places, there are long lines.
  • Water and electricity offices always have long lines no matter what day it is.
  • Most places have a ticket system to regulate lines if you still want to do this.

Pay your bills with the PTT

  • Turkey’s post office is the PTT. PTT offices accept payments in person, and postal check accounts can be set up to make automatic payments.
  • You can also pay your bills online with the Interactive Postal Cheque Account (IPC).
  • PTT handles most internet and mobile phone providers, water, natural gas, electricity, and SGK Payments for expats who sign up for Turkish health insurance.
  • Paying via the post office has one disadvantage: a charge for each bill. The PTT website or mobile application does not charge transaction fees when you pay your bill online.

Pay via your Turkish bank

  • In Turkey, most bills can be paid in person or through their online internet banking system if you have a bank account.
  • Establish standing orders for recurring monthly bills such as internet, house, and mobile.
  • As a result of their English-translated versions, Garanti and HSBC are popular banks with expats in Turkey.
  • SGK or tax payments should be made through a designated bank, such as Halk.

Turkey’s water bills

  • As Turkey’s water industry is privatized, you should know the name of the company that provides water in your area. Additionally, there are two billing methods available.
  • The first type of meter is a pay-as-you-go meter. It is, unfortunately, not possible to top up those cards online.
  • Therefore, it is recommended that you visit the water office instead. Paper billing can be paid with any of the above or online with Visa or Mastercard on their website.

The Turkish Gas Payment System

  • Turkish cities like Istanbul and Ankara have direct gas supplies to houses, and they get legal bills. Another pay-as-you-go system exists, however, where vendors sell gas bottles.

Paying your council tax

  • You must pay council tax twice yearly, usually in March and November. Get in touch with your local council at any time.
  • You’ll get a text message when the council tax’s due if you register your phone number with them. You can pay bills online or in person at their offices.
  • You could previously carry over council tax bills and pay them when you sold your house.
  • Paying this bill on time is important because the law has changed, and local councils will enact bailiffs for unpaid bills.

Taxes and Registration Fees

  • Since the law changed in 2019, mobile phone registrations, income tax, and other entities, such as motor vehicle taxes, can only be made at certain banks. There are three designated banks: Halk, Zirat, and Vakif. Make payments in person at the local tax office where you live.

The Turkish e-Devlet Site

  • As an e-government portal, the e-devlet site acts as a one-stop shop for everything. It’s hard to pay bills via the website, and there are no translation services. Instead, we use online banking.

Paycell and Papara

  • Papara and Paycell aren’t banks; they’re electronic money and payment services. You can pay many bills from the mobile app once you top up your account.
  • Bills like natural gas, electricity, water, internet, and TV can be paid for with them. You can also top up your Istanbul Kart. Reoccurring bills will let you know when they’re due and can also help you manage your budget.

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