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The best places to buy property in Turkey

The best places to buy property
The world has become a global village thanks to travel, commerce, and technology. Global investment trends have changed rapidly in recent years. It’s now normal to invest in overseas real estate.
Every year, more and more investors are investing in overseas real estate.

Taking a closer look at this phenomenon reveals many exciting things:

  • Real estate is a great way to diversify your portfolio.
  • Taxes are often waived by investing in foreign real estate.
  • In the long run, rental income would help cover the mortgage and benefits.
  • Investing in different countries can minimize the impact of a country’s economy falling or rising.
  • Real estate abroad can bring rental income and serve as a solid investment.
  • Foreign investment in real estate has been eased in many countries. It’s such a welcome trend for investors. 

Which country should you invest your hard-earned money in?

There are a lot of factors to consider before making the final decision, so it’s more complicated.

  • Growth of the country’s economy
  • Why do you want to invest overseas
  • Property value projected for the future
  • Investing in the country has its benefits
  • Currency exchange rate
  • Potential returns from the country
  • Budget and affordability
  • What kind of property do you want

Real estate investing in Turkey
Foreigners can invest in real estate in Turkey. Foreign investors love it because it’s one of the few countries with a pleasant environment. 
The country has advanced so much in terms of construction technology, infrastructure, education, and medical facilities in recent years. This coastal country’s ambience, culture, cuisine, growing urban population, and job opportunities add to its appeal.

Turkey is the one of the best places to invest in real estate 
According to Global reports, Turkey ranks 14th among the best countries for real estate investment. Furthermore, it consistently ranks among the world’s top ten most visited countries. It’s got a world-class infrastructure, and the cost of living is a fraction of what it used to be.

Real estate investment for Turkish citizenship
Turkey’s Golden Visa policy is also a big draw for foreigners. Turkish citizenship is available to foreigners who invest at least $400,000 in Turkish real estate. Any wise investor would want to retain the value and recognition of a Turkish visa. Here’s more about Turkish citizenship.

A great exchange rate

The Turkish Lira offers the best exchange rate with most global currencies. It means you get your dream property for the best price and market rate you’ve ever seen.

Options that are diverse and attractive

  • There’s a lot of real estate in Turkey. Turkey’s real estate has everything from seaside villas to quiet and serene four-bedroom luxury apartments.


  • Turkey’s real estate prices are low compared to other European countries. No wonder there were 45,483 foreign residential property sales in 2019.

Simplified process 

  • Aside from that, buying and owning property in Turkey is much easier than in most European countries. Therefore, Turkey has a lot of reasons to invest in real estate. Would you like to know more about buying a property in Turkey

comes to mind when you mention Turkey. Even though it’s not the capital, Istanbul is always in the spotlight
Why is that so? There are obvious reasons for this. 
It is the largest city in the country and has the most significant percentage of working-class residents. Istanbul is also Turkey’s commercial hub and central tourist spot
More than 55 countries are just a 4-hour flight away from Istanbul. The new Third International Airport is also a mega attraction to the city and the country. 

Turkey’s main seaport is Istanbul. It’s hard to beat the view of the sea of Marmara. Anyone who dreams of owning a lavish seaside villa can enjoy the liveliest experience along the promenades.
Istanbul’s culture owns its charisma. Byzantium royalty and the dazzling glow of the modern era make Istanbul beautiful. Any foreigner can instantly feel at home in the city. Istanbul is also renowned for its hospitality.

Istanbul is racing to be one of the top five global cities. Istanbul’s economic policy for 2023 incorporated all the major attractive options that would make it the most desirable city by then.
Istanbul is also very affordable compared to other global cities. The number says London prices per square meter are 677% to 862% higher than Istanbul prices. 
Istanbul is the best Turkish city for those who love nightlife and modern amenities. Localities like Kucukcekmece and Beylikduzu are full of nightlife but offer the most security. In addition, Turkey is one of the few countries where foreigners can live safely.

Istanbul has the highest percentage of the working population, draws millions of tourists every year, and is a commercial and educational hub, so property there always generates rental income. Furthermore, real estate has a high liquidity potential, and it’s spiking every year.
Real estate includes homes in Istanbul and commercial shops for sale that are more suitable for investors.

Turkey is known for its perfect mix of modern and heritage-style buildings. Bodrum has the best architectural style regarding real estate property in Turkey. In many of the ongoing projects in Bodrum, traditional architecture is incorporated. Modern and contemporary architectural styles are now foreign buyers’ favourites.

In every sense, Bodrum offers a comfortable lifestyle. Whether it’s its weekly markets or well-connected transportation, or the many options for shopping and sightseeing, Bodrum has it all.
It’s also a tourist hub on the peninsula. 

It’s known for sailing and yachting spots and breath-taking resorts. Bodrum already has a lot of foreign real estate property owners. In Bodrum, the language and culture put you at ease, and everyone speaks English well.

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