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The six best cities to study in Turkey

Check out this article to find out which cities are best for students.

Study in Turkey

Why is Turkey better for studying and students than other countries?

  • The student should consider many factors when choosing the correct city to study in Turkey, such as living costs, travel, accommodation, and other expenses like food, drink, and housing.
  • Although all this is true, studying at Turkish universities is much better than studying in European countries since Turkey’s university fees, housing, and living wages are much cheaper than in Europe and some Arab countries.
  • Arab students, in particular, have many advantages at Turkish universities. In Turkey, many university majors teach English as a primary language, and the certificates you get from universities, whether public or private, are recognized all over.
  • The Turkish government also offers the Turkish Scholarship Program annually to attract international students to study in Turkey. This is one of the biggest reasons Turkey is better than other countries regarding international students studying in its universities.

Where are the best places to study in Turkey?

Here are the best cities in Turkey to study.

Istanbul Turkish state of Istanbul has seen tremendous educational development over the last few years, and it’s one of the most beautiful in terms of construction and tourism. It’s the city of choice for international students because it’s got a bunch of advantages, like:

  • In Istanbul, some libraries have thousands of books in all fields, scientific centers that open their doors to students, laboratories with the latest technology, and spacious halls like universities.
  • Various Istanbul universities have world-class faculty.
  • Many disciplines rely on English, and Arabic is less prevalent than in many Istanbul universities.
  • Multiple job opportunities in many fields for students who want to work alongside their studies or gain practical experience.
  • Universities are easy to reach thanks to a well-developed transportation network, like the metro and Metrobus.
  • University diplomas from Istanbul are recognized worldwide.
  • Several public and private universities in Istanbul, where there are 57 universities in the state, 13 public and 44 private.
  • The most prestigious universities in the city, such as Istanbul University, Istanbul Technical University, Bogazici University, Koç University, and Sabanci University, are among the best in the world.

Ankara: It’s no surprise that Ankara is the second best city to study in Turkey since it’s the capital, which provides all the best elements for students to achieve their educational goals:

  • Private and public universities in Ankara ranked globally.
  • With its infrastructure and extensive educational facilities, Ankara is very similar to Istanbul in terms of what it can offer students since it’s the political capital that can’t be beaten.
  • Also, Ankara has a network of rapid transit lines that make university access easier.
  • Students can study English at some universities in Ankara.
  • In Ankara, there are 19 public and private universities.
  • Ankara has many prestigious universities that attract international students, like Middle East Technical University, Hacettepe University, Ankara University, and Çankaya University.

Izmir Due to its cheap living costs compared to Istanbul, and its good transportation network, Izmir is ranked third among the best cities to study in Turkey.

Dokuz Eylul universities are in Izmir, which has a charming view of the Aegean Sea, and there are a lot of student cities, such as Alsancak and Konak, which are very popular with students.

Eskisehir ” Eskisehir ranks 91 out of 100 universities around the world in terms of “student-friendly university cities” according to last year’s data.

  • Eskişehir’s universities have cheap tuition fees, accessible transportation, and are flexible when dealing with the city’s young people.
  • Eskişehir has three universities: Anatolia University, Eskişehir University, and Osmangazi University. They have a solid educational system with great flexibility for students, and they’re among the best universities in Turkey in their educational structure.

Trabzon: Due to its charming nature, Black Sea views, and many famous tourist spots, Trabzon is one of Turkey’s best cities for university students.

  • Trabzon is home to only Karadeniz Technical University, and the Black Sea Mermaid ranked 83rd out of 100 countries in last year’s “Student-Friendly University Cities” study.

Antalya: Students at this university are delighted with studying at Antalya, the pearl of the Mediterranean.

  • In the heart of Antalya, Akdeniz University has a beautiful view of the Mediterranean. Moreover, Erasmus students prefer Antalya over other cities.

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