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Top 5 Universities in Istanbul

Universities in Istanbul

Universities in Istanbul

1- Bosphorus University Bogazici

  • It is located on the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul and is a major research university.
  • Since its inception, it’s always aimed to generate knowledge on a global scale, expand scientific horizons in the country, and educate individuals in various contemporary sciences and technologies.
  • It has six colleges, six institutes, two vocational schools, and 32 research centres.
  • There are 35 bachelor’s programs, 67 graduate programs, and 33 PhD programs.
  • About 13,000 undergraduates and 3,300 postgraduates study there.

The university is ranked 658 by the Times Higher Education and 701 by QS World University Rankings.

2- Yıldız Technical University

  • Yildiz Technical University represents a unique milieu of education, research, and culture in Turkey with a vision of being a leading institution.
  • It’s a top government institution spread over two great historical campuses in Istanbul.
  • With its roots dating back to 1911, YTU has been a leader in academic research, technology, and the arts, with a century-long understanding of science, technology, and culture.
  • There are 11 faculties at YTU, most engineering-related, two graduate schools, three vocational schools, one foreign language school, and over 34,000 students enrolled. It offers science, engineering, arts, and humanities programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Additionally, it provides exchange programs for its qualified students and academicians.
  • As part of our 21st-century entrepreneur university model and as part of our efforts to contribute to R&D activities in our country, YTU established Yildiz Technopark in 2003.
  • With more than 800 R&D employees at more than 400 companies, Yildiz Technopark is home to many R&D folks, including software, information and communication technologies, electronics, pharmaceuticals, machines and equipment, chemistry, aviation, defence, civil work, and food.
  • There’s a lively social scene at YTU, in addition to its academic standing.
  • Various club activities, such as volunteer projects, educational events, and cultural and artistic events, give students a chance to lead an active academic life.

It’s one of the most well-known universities in Turkey, so it promotes development and welfare.

3- Istanbul Technical University

  • It was founded under the name “Mohandeshani Bahr Humayun” during Sultan Mustafa III’s reign.
  • Since it’s the first engineering and architecture university in Turkey, its graduates have played a significant role in the growth of Turkey for the past two centuries by building roads, bridges, factories, dams, and communication networks.
  • It’s ranked 567th in the global university rankings, despite being established so early.
  • It has more than 37,000 students and 13 colleges with 104 undergraduate and 191 graduate programs.

It is one of the oldest technical universities in the world

4- Istanbul University

  • “School of Philosophy, Medicine, Law, and Arts” was founded during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh in 1453 AD.
  • Since then, it’s grown to be ranked 749th in the world. Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranked 401 in their academic ranking of world universities for 2021, and QS ranked it 801 in theirs.
  • It has 17 colleges, 14 institutes, and two vocational schools, and about a quarter million students study there. There’s also a two million-book library at the university.

It’s the biggest, oldest, and most ancient Turkish university

5- Marmara University

  • Haniyeh Tikaret Muqtab Al-Alessi was founded in Istanbul in 1883.
  • During the academic year 1982-1983, it got its first students.
  • World University Rankings has it ranked 1069th, and QS has it ranked 1201st.
  • It has 16 colleges, nine vocational schools, and 11 institutes. Courses and degrees are 199, and there are 70,000 students.

It is Turkey’s oldest educational institution

Finally, we have learned about the top five public universities in Turkey. Undoubtedly, studying in any of these universities is one of the goals that many students in our Arab countries strive to obtain a prestigious university degree. So, please hurry up to complete your studies, whether you are pursuing a Bachelor’s or Post-graduate degree at a Turkish university.

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