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Turkish Citizen’s Rights and Duties

Turkish Citizen’s Rights and Duties
Lets discover what it’s like to be a Turkish passport holder and what Turkish citizens can do.

The benefits of holding a Turkish passport

  • Turkish passport values have evolved along with Turkey’s economic progress. They’ve also risen as Turkey has advanced politically and diplomatically over the last two decades, with more Turkish embassies and representatives worldwide.
  • Through its industrial, commercial, and productive development, Turkey has gained a prominent place worldwide, receiving significant attention from various countries for its trade partnerships and investments.
  • Among the passports experiencing a significant increase in positive indicators, the Turkish passport has reached a 56% access rate as of the article’s date. A Turkish citizen may therefore travel to 62 countries without a prior visa, 44 countries with a visa-on-arrival, and five countries with an electronic visa.
  • As Turkey is a strategic trading partner of these countries and has a lot of trade agreements and customs facilities with them, Turkish passport holders can quickly get visas for countries that only allow entry with a prior visa. Because Turkey is a strategic trading partner of those countries, holders of Turkish passports can quickly get visas for those countries.
  • Turkish embassies and representatives provide protection and assistance to Turkish nationals in all countries of the world in coordination with the governments of those countries.
  • Turkish passport holders get full citizenship rights, including owning property in Turkey, voting in elections, participating in politics, and getting all health, legal, educational, and other services.

Turkish Citizen’s Rights and Duties: What are they?

Residency in Turkey and the right to benefit from all services in addition to all essential state services, such as health care, Turkish citizens have the right to reside, move freely and live in Turkey.

The Right to Education

  • All Turkish citizens with Turkish identity are entitled to free education, with compulsory education free until the end of the primary stage (sixth grade). The Turkish government offers many intermediate, university, and postgraduate scholarships for Turkish citizens.

Health Care Rights

  • Turkish government hospitals and primary care centers in every city and neighborhood in Turkey, and Turkish citizens have the right to receive health care.

Voting and standing for election are fundamental rights.

  • Every Turkish citizen over 18 can stand for election or vote in any civil, local, presidential or parliamentary election.

Job applications for all government jobs

  • A person with a Turkish identity is entitled to apply for all government jobs, inside and outside of the country, based on specialization, study field, and stated conditions. He gets all the benefits that come with it.

Getting a Turkish passport

  • Under Turkish law, all Turkish citizens are free to travel and move, and they can get Turkish passports from the government and travel anywhere in the world.

It is essential to understand Turkish citizen’s rights and duties.

How do Turkish citizens fulfill their duties?

Military Service

  • Every male citizen in Turkey between the ages of twenty-one and forty-one must serve in the military. The law also covers naturalized persons, but if they get Turkish citizenship after they turn 21, they’re exempt from military service. Before their military drafting, those enrolled in higher education or vocational training are permitted to defer service until the completion of the program or until they reach a certain age.

Defending the Homeland

  • The most crucial duty of Turkish identity holders (Turkish citizens) is to defend the country by preserving national values, not cooperating with hostile states, not engaging in hostilities against civil and internal peace, or posing a threat to the vital and national interests of the country.

Respecting the Rights of Others

  • All members of society have the right to dress and believe how they want, and Turkish law guarantees everyone’s rights without limiting anyone else’s.

Keeping the public safe and secure

  • A Turkish citizen must take care of the state’s public property and not sabotage or damage it, maintain security, and commit legal violations.

Make sure you pay your taxes and insurance.

  • Turkish citizens must pay taxes and insurance fees to keep services running.

What’s the advantage of Turkish citizenship? How do I get Turkish citizenship?

  • Among the countries experiencing an upward curve in their economic growth at the international and regional levels, Turkey is an emerging market with great investment opportunities.

According to experts, having Turkish citizenship is a significant advantage.
Turkish law grants Turkish citizenship to foreigners who buy property in Turkey for $400,000 and their families under 18.

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